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suffix forming nouns
a person or thing that is inferior or bears only a poor resemblance to what is specified: poetaster.
[from Latin: suffix indicating imperfect resemblance]
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(ˈæs tər)

1. any composite plant of the genus Aster, having rays varying from white or pink to blue around a yellow disk.
2. a plant of some allied genus, as the China aster.
3. a structure formed in a cell during mitosis, composed of astral rays radiating about the centrosome.
[1595–1605; < Latin < Greek astḗr star]


a suffix used to form nouns denoting something that imperfectly resembles or mimics the true thing: criticaster; poetaster.
[< Latin]


a combining form with the meaning “star”: cotoneaster.
[< Greek astḗr star; compare astro-]
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