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1. State; condition: stardom.
a. Domain; position; rank: dukedom.
b. Those that collectively have a specified position, office, or character: officialdom.

[Middle English, from Old English -dōm; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


suffix forming nouns
1. state or condition: freedom; martyrdom.
2. rank or office: earldom.
3. domain: kingdom; Christendom.
4. a collection of persons: officialdom.
[Old English -dōm]


(dɒm; for 2 also Port. dɔ̃)

1. (sometimes cap.) a title of a monk in certain monastic orders.
2. (usu. cap.) a Portuguese title affixed to a man's given name; Sir: formerly a title of certain dignitaries.
[1710–20; short for Latin dominus lord, master]


a suffix forming nouns that refer to domain (kingdom), collection of persons (officialdom), rank or station (earldom), or general condition (freedom).
[Middle English; Old English -dōm; c. Old Norse -dōmr, German -tum; see doom]


1. Dominica.
2. Dominican.


1. domain.
2. domestic.
3. dominant.
4. dominion.