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The condition or quality of having a specified form: homomorphism.
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or -morphic,

a combining form with the meaning “having the shape, form, or structure” of the kind or number specified by the initial element: polymorphous.
[< Greek -morphos, adj. derivative of morphḗ form]
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That is, [q.sub.i] is a SRel -morphism from ([F.sub.i], [A.sub.i]) to (F, A) for each i [member of] I.
By Definition 27, we have ([a.sub.i], i)Rb, whence R is a SRel -morphism from (F, A) to (G, B).
As [empty set] is the subset of any sets, we have S, T : ([empty set], {*}) [right arrow] (F, A) being SRel -morphisms and *Sa, *Ta for each a [member of] A.