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1. Way; path: electrode.
2. Electrode: dynode.

[Greek -odos, from hodos. Sense 2, from (an)ode, (cath)ode, (electr)ode, etc.]


n combining form
denoting resemblance: nematode.
[from Greek -ōdēs, from eidos shape, form]


n combining form
denoting a path or way: electrode.
[from Greek -odos, from hodos a way]



a lyric poem, typically with an irregular metrical form and expressing exalted or enthusiastic emotion.
[1580–90; < Middle French < Late Latin ōda < Greek aoidḗ song, derivative of aeídein to sing]
od′ic, adj.


a suffix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “like,” “having the nature of”; used to form nouns: phyllode. Compare -oid.
[< Greek -ōdēs]


a combining form meaning “way,” “path,” used esp. in the names of devices through which electrical current passes: electrode.
[< Greek -odos, comb. form of hodós]
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