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-ose 1

Possessing; having the characteristics of; full of: cymose.

[Middle English, variant of -ous, from Latin -ōsus.]

-ose 2

1. Carbohydrate: fructose.
2. Product of protein hydrolysis: proteose.

[French, from glucose, glucose; see glucose.]


suffix forming adjectives
possessing; resembling: verbose; grandiose.
[from Latin -ōsus; see -ous]


suffix forming nouns
1. (Chemistry) indicating a carbohydrate, esp a sugar: lactose.
2. (Chemistry) indicating a decomposition product of protein: albumose.
[from glucose]


a suffix occurring in adjectives borrowed from Latin, meaning “full of,” “abounding in,” “given to,” “like”: jocose; otiose; verbose.
[< Latin -ōsus. compare -ous]


a suffix used in the names of sugars and other carbohydrates (fructose; lactose), and of protein derivatives (proteose).


A suffix used to form the chemical names of carbohydrates, such as glucose.