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n., v. styled, styl•ing. n.
1. a particular type or sort, with reference to form, appearance, or character.
2. a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode or manner of acting: to do things in a grand style.
3. prevailing fashion, as in dress, esp. approved fashion; smartness: out of style.
4. an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living: to live in style.
5. a mode of expressing thought in writing or speaking, esp. as characteristic of a group, person, etc.
6. a mode or form of design, construction, or execution in any art or work, esp. as characteristic of a person, group, period, etc.: the baroque style; the Georgian style of architecture.
7. a distinctive quality of originality, elegance, or flair: a person with style.
8. a person's characteristic tastes, attitudes, and mode of behavior: It's not his style to flatter people.
9. a descriptive or distinguishing appellation, esp. a legal, official, or recognized title.
11. the gnomon of a sundial.
12. a method of reckoning time. Compare New Style, old style (def. 2).
13. a narrow, cylindrical extension of the pistil that, when present, bears the stigma at its apex.
14. Zool. a small, pointed process or part.
15. the rules or customs of spelling, punctuation, and the like, observed by a publisher.
16. to call by a given title or appellation; designate; name.
17. to design or arrange in accordance with a given or new style: to style one's hair.
18. to bring into conformity with a specific style: to style a manuscript.
[1250–1300; Middle English (n.) < Latin stylus, sp. variant of stilus tool for writing, hence, written composition, style; see stylus]
styl′er, n.


a combining form of style (defs. 13, 14). Compare stylo- 1.


a combining form with the meanings “column,” “having columns (of the kind specified)”: urostyle. Compare stylo- 2.
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adj sufnach … Art, auf (+acc)Art; American-style fried chickenBrathähnchen nach amerikanischer Art; cowboy-styleauf Cowboyart, nach Art der Cowboys; Swedish-style furniture/designMöbel/Design im schwedischen Stil; Western-style democracyDemokratie nach westlichem Vorbild; to dress 1920s-stylesich im Stil der zwanziger Jahre or Zwanzigerjahre kleiden; the old-style cricketerder Cricketspieler der alten Schule
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