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 (kăl′sĭ-trī′ôl′, -ōl′)
The active metabolite of vitamin D, C27H44O3, that is synthesized in the kidneys and liver from vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 and acts as a calcium-regulating hormone. A synthetic form is used as a drug to treat hypocalcemia, bone disease caused by renal failure, and, in topical preparations, psoriasis.

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n calcitriol m
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In their meta-analysis, they included studies that reported any baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood levels, any blood pressure levels, studies that lasted as little as four weeks, and which involved supplementation with a variety of forms of vitamin D, including vitamin D2, vitamin D3, calcitriol (1,25-hydroxyvitamin D3), and 1-alpha-hydroxylated versions of vitamin D (paricalcitol and doxerocalciferol).
As mentioned previously, forms of vitamin D included vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), calcitriol (1,25-hydroxyvitamin D3), paricalcitol, and doxerocalciferol.