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 (hī′drō-kwĭ-nōn′, -kwĭn′ōn′) also hy·dro·quin·ol (-kwĭn′ôl′, -ōl′)
A white crystalline phenol, C6H6O2, used as an antioxidant, photographic developer, stabilizer, and reagent.
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(ˌhaɪdrəʊkwɪˈnəʊn) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline soluble phenol used as a photographic developer; 1,4-dihydroxybenzene. Formula: C6H4(OH)2. Also called: quinol
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(ˌhaɪ droʊ kwɪˈnoʊn, -drəˈkwɪn oʊn)

also hy•dro•quin•ol

(-ˈkwɪn ɔl, -ɒl)

a white crystalline compound, C6H6O2, formed by the reduction of quinone, used chiefly in photography and to inhibit autoxidation reactions.
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n hidroquinona
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They are copper having (EC oxygen oxidoreductases: 1,4-benzenediol found normally in higher microorganisms and plants.