cetyl alcohol

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ce·tyl alcohol

A solid white waxy alcohol, C16H34O, used as an emulsifier and in cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.

[Latin cētus, whale; see Cetus + -yl.]
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ce′tyl al′cohol

(ˈsit l)
a white crystalline water-insoluble solid, C16H34O, used chiefly as an emollient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
[1870–75; < Latin cēt(us) whale; from its being found in spermaceti]
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The lipid classes and respective standards were phospholipid (PL; 1-[alpha]-phosphatidylcholine), free sterol (ST; cholesterol), free fatty acid (FFA; palmitic acid), acetone-mobile phospholipid (AMPL; 1-monopalmitoylglycerol), TAG (tripalmitin), diacylglycerol (DAG; 1, 2-Dipalmitoyl-rac-glycerol (C16:0)), ketone (KET; 3-Hexadecanone), aliphatic hydrocarbon (AH; Nonadecane), wax ester (WE; lauric acid myristyl ester), methyl ester (ME; methyl palmitate), and fatty alcohol (FALC; 1-hexadecanol).
1- undecanol 1-dodecanol and 1-hexadecanol are the alcohols that are quantified.
But, others minor in straw; nonanal, camphor, 2,4-dodecadienal, 4-terpineol, [beta]-fenchyl alcohol, acetoxy acetic acid, 4-pentadecyl ester, geraniol, geranyl acetate, 2-decen-1-ol, anethole, 2-dodecenal, 1-nonanal, (2E)2-hexenyl laurate, 1-hexadecanol, 13-heptadecyn-1-ol, 2-octadecanone, hexa hydrofarnesyl acetone, acetoxyacetic acid, 3pentadecyl ester, 1-tetradecanol and methyl 10-octadecenoate were the highest under Giza conditions region.