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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: shot - a charge of ammunition for a single shotone shot - a charge of ammunition for a single shot
ammo, ammunition - projectiles to be fired from a gun
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Vijay Singh got up-and-down for birdie with a putter from off the green on the final hole for a 1-shot victory in the Toshiba Classic.
After making a couple of fast 1-shot kills on game that seemingly materialized in front of us, he relaxed.
But Spieth's luck changed after he hit a 1-shot penalty, landing onto the range near the equipment trucks.
Sofia Chabon sizzled when all the others struggled, firing a two-under 70 to seize a 1-shot lead over Thai Pimnipa Panthong going into the final round of the Singapore Junior Golf Championship late Thursday.
Amerigo Labs, Lenexa, KS, in coordination with Salinas, CA-based Next Pharmaceuticals, has developed the Amazing 1-Shot with Relora.
All were 1-shot kills and couldn't have been any more dramatic by increasing the muzzle velocities.
But then again, we hardly found ourselves using weapons much when you can just supersprint around and 1-shot stuff with some badass-taken-to-the-extreme wrestling moves or by spamming super powers.
Instant and simultaneous 3D photography is possible in 1-shot, thus stereoscopic images are captured without the camera shifting.
The C100 also has two nifty features that were previously not made available to its older siblings: a 1-shot Autofocus and a Push Auto Iris.
The US-based Taiwanese Mou clinched the title on 11-under 205, closing with a 2-under 69 after earlier rounds of 69, 67 for a 1-shot victory over two-day leader Duncan Stewart of Scotland who courageously battled after losing his overnight lead and falling behind by one after the first two holes.
In nearly 500 shootings, the 9mm 115-grain +P and +P+ JHPs have produced 90 percent 1-shot stops.
With the Macroscan, individual partial images can be photographed in the 4-shot mode for stills and also in the 1-shot mode.