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Noun1.12 - the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one12 - the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
boxcars - (usually plural) an expression used when two dice are thrown and both come up showing six spots
Adj.1.12 - denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units12 - denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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A Roman emperor, I was born Gaius Caesar in 12 AD. I was nicknamed after army boots I wore.
Google's effort focuses on 12 ad formats criticized by a group called the Coalition for Better Ads, whose members include Google, Facebook, News Corp.
(16) Edison et al evaluated 19 AD subjects and 14 controls that had PiB (C-11) imaging, of which 12 AD and 8 controls also had FDG-PET scans.
Built at some time between 6 and 12 AD, the largest pyramid in the world is in Cholulu de Rivadahia, Mexico.
However, the draft ends the 20-minute gap between advertising breaks while maintaining the maximum of 12 ad minutes per hour.
WILLIAM HILL SPRINT CUP William Hill: 6 Soldier 's Tale, 8 Etlaala, Iffraaj, 10 Somnus, 12 Ad Valorem, Avonbridge, Damson, 14 Indesatchel, 16 Airwave, Balmont, Byron, Camacho, Galeota, 20 Democratic Deficit, Lafi, Lucky Spin, Nota Bene, Resplendent Glory, 25 Ashdown Express, Benbaun, La Cucaracha, Miss Emma, Moss Vale, Ratio, Striking Ambition, Tiger Dance, 33 bar.
They include Blowing Wind, who has finished third in the last two runnings of the race.Hills bet: 12 Ad Hoc, 14 Davids Lad, Gunner Welburn, 16 Mini Sensation, 20 Behrajan, Bindaree, Carbury Cross, Chives, Cyfor Malta, Gingembre, Hussard Collonges, Iris Bleu, Kingsmark, 25 bar.
Check the July 12 ad on page 35: Apart from the monstrous equation of Arab "propagandists" with Josef Gobbels, you'll learn that "the concept of 'Palestinians' did not exist until about 1948" and that "the concept of 'occupied territories' in reference to Judea/Samaria and Gaza is a myth created by Arab propaganda."
William Hill: 12 Ad Hoc, 14 Davids Lad, Gunner Welburn, 16 Chives, Mini Sensation, 20 Bindaree, Carbury Cross, Cyfor Malta, Gingembre, Iris Bleu, Kingsmark, Montys Pass, 25 bar.
William Hill: 12 Ad Hoc, 14 Gunner Welburn, 16 Cyfor Malta, Davids Lad, Gingembre, 20 Bindaree, Chives, Kingsmark, More Than A Stroll, 25 bar.
William Hill: 8-1 Blowing Wind, 12 Ad Hoc, Moor Lane, 14 Davids Lad (from 16), 16 Alexander Banquet, Beau, Papillon, 20 Behrajan, Marlborough, Paris Pike, Smarty, Whats Up Boys, 25 Amberleigh House, Bindaree, Red Striker, The Last Fling, 33 bar.
Coral: 6-4 First Gold, 11-4 Best Mate, 4 Bacchanal (from 5), 8 Florida Pearl (from 12), 12 Ad Hoc, 16 Fadalko, 20 bar