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0 (included in software), Pentium II 300 MHz plus, 64+ MB RAM, 400 MB HD space, 12X CD-ROM Drive, 4 Meg Direct D3D video card with 12 MB RAM, 3D accelerator card, Sound Blaster or better sound card, joystick (Feed-back controls preferred).
CD-ROM Option: 40 megabytes of free disk space, 12x CD-ROM
A P233/MMX with 32+ Megs, a PCI video card with 4 Megs of RAM, a 12X CD-ROM drive and 2D acceleration is preferred.
All O2 configurations ship standard with 1MB of secondary cache, 64MB of memory (1GB maximum), a 4GB or 9GB ultra-fast wide SCSI hard disk, textured graphics, video, 12x CD-ROM and 17-inch monitor.
You may add a 20x CD-ROM drive to your old Intel 486, and the video will still be ar worse than from a 12x CD-ROM drive with a 166-MHz Pentium.
OAI) has announced the addition of Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD 12x CD-ROM drives to its family of CD-ROM server systems.