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Adj.1.130 - being ten more than one hundred twenty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Byron struggled to live on 130 pounds a year, in Newstead Abbey, near Nottingham, there lived a queer, half-mad, old grand-uncle, who had earned for himself the name of "the wicked lord.
Laser Dimension Master 130 eliminates unruly tapes for quick, accurate room measurements in seconds.
Rick Perry said at the ribbon-cutting for the 41-mile southern portion of State Highway 130.
SOUTHWICK: Samin Saleh, 22, of Byron Street, pounds 90; Craig Smedley, 24, of Newbury Street, pounds 130.
Combined with new, automated shakeout, melting and pouring equipment, AFW's new Disa Match 130 from Disa Industries Inc.
Last week, the New York City medical examiner confirmed that ten bone fragments found by workers on the roof of 130 Liberty Street last fall were human.
130 provides for qualified assignments of the payment obligation.
This group includes people who have survived a heart attack or have an LDL concentration of 130 mg/dl or more as well as individuals with multiple heart-health risk factors, such as diabetes and partially obstructed blood vessels.
has announced a critical addition to its 1U server platforms, the Altus 130 server.
Since the sensor was located on the periphery, at approximately 130 mm, the sensor would see end-of-cure in this area before the center had completed cure.