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Adj.1.135 - being five more than one hundred thirty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Officers of state, who they ought to be, 135; how long to continue,
assume upon their victory over the Medes, 64; what best to submit to a kingly government, 104: to an aristocratic, 104: to a free state, 104; should be allowed the power of pardoning, not of condemning, 135
Suntory has also said it will cut the price of another of its happoshu brands ''Jun-nama,'' which is already on store shelves, by 10 yen to 135 yen, starting on June 21.
* Excavations of the Roman Forum indicated Rome was an urban center in the 7th century B.C., much earlier than many scholars had assumed (135: 20).
According to new rates wheat flour Rs 37/kg while 20 kg bag in Rs 720, Basmati rice Rs 120 t 135/kg, rice 386 Basmati Rs 70/kg, pulse gram Rs 60/kg, mash Rs 135, Bason Rs 65, while prices of other products would be sold on the rates fixed in previous price lists including pulses, masoor Rs 115, moong Rs 135 and Sugar Rs 58, Milk Rs 55 per litter, yogurt Rs 65 per kg, Mutton Rs 500 per kg while beef would be sold at Rs 250 per kg in open market.
"Things were quiet for awhile but now all of a sudden we have a number of very large tenants looking at our space and we could be close to a deal," said Murray Hill broker, Audrey Novoa, referring to the building she reps, 135 West 50th Street.
Japan's 135 banks incurred a combined 1.31 trillion yen parent-only pretax loss in the fiscal first half which ended Sept.
In 2001, the Durst Organization entered into an agreement to manage the Sports illustrated Building at 135 West 50th St., formerly known as the AMA Building, with an option to purchase the 900,000-SF property, according to a Durst Organization spokesman.
Totally refurbished and transformed into one of the city's most inviting and beautiful public spaces, the vest-pocket park adjoining the office tower at 135 East 57th St.