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Adj.1.135 - being five more than one hundred thirty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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interior door panel wood material with steel frame 42 db 885 x 2 135 mm; 125 pieces interior door element wood material with steel frame 42 db 1 010 x 2 135 mm; 2 hours interior door element wood material wet room with steel surround frame 760 x 2 135 mm; 125 pieces interior door element wood material wet room with steel surround frame 1 010 x 2 153 mm; 3 hours interior door element wood material with steel frame el 60 1 010 x 2 010 mm; 1 pc.
One of the questions we get from readers is whether they can cut their aircraft ownership costs by entering into a lease agreement with their local Part 135 operator.
Cushman & Wakefield announced that Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation has appointed the firm as exclusive leasing agent for 135 East 57th Street, an office and retail tower in the Plaza District.
Ajman-based Gulf Craft's operations team released its newest Majesty 135 superyacht to the water on the morning of 21 September, the latest release of the popular model - the largest within Gulf Craft's portfolio of superyachts completed to date.
4 0 Shergar 4 136 Generous 5 138 El Gran Senor 136 Sea The Stars 6 137 Generous 136 Shergar 137 Peintre Celebre 7 135 Cigar 137 Three Troikas 135 Daylami 9 136 Sea The Stars 135 El Gran Senor 136 Suave Dancer 135 Harbinger 136 Troy 135 MONTJEU 12 135 Blushing Groom 135 St Jovite 135 Cigar 135 Suave Dancer 135 Daylami 14 134 Alleged 135 Harbinger 134 Dubai Millennium ?
CCW 135 Clean & Clear wipes are premoistened wipes ideal for cleaning most types of glass and plastic lenses.
The MG TF Sprint is derived from the popular MG TF 135 and MG TF 160 with enhanced features that include on the TF 135 models the Sports Pack 2 (ABS, uprated 304mm front disc brakes and callipers and 16in elevenspoke alloy wheels.
Derived from the TF 135 and TF 160 models, enhancements include grey and black leather seats, coloured hood, chrome pack, and front fog lights.
Kirin said it will cut the price of not only its mainstay ''Kirin Tanrei-nama,'' but also of its ''Kirin Green Label'' and ''Kirin Alaska'' from 145 yen to 135 yen for a 350-milliliter can.
SGS Tool Co, Munroe Falls, OH, offers solid carbide high performance Series 135 (fractional) drills and Series 135M (metric) drills intended for high production applications in alloy steels, Inconel, stainless steel, titanium, and cast irons.
135 exclusion; however, a part-time student may lose part of the exclusion because the total redemption proceeds are more likely to exceed QHEEs.