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Adj.1.150 - being ten more than one hundred forty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Now when these poor sun-burnt mariners, bare-footed, and with their trowsers rolled high up on their eely legs, had wearily hauled their fat fish high and dry, promising themselves a good 150 pounds from the precious oil and bone; and in fantasy sipping rare tea with their wives, and good ale with their cronies, upon the strength of their respective shares; up steps a very learned and most Christian and charitable gentleman, with a copy of Blackstone under his arm; and laying it upon the whale's head, he says -- Hands off
Now, if I have made reservoirs of a size equal to this tenth, or capable of holding 150 tons, and if I fill them with water, the boat, weighing then 1,507 tons, will be completely immersed.
Around the tables, and at the further end of the room where the trente-et-quarante table was set out, there may have been gathered from 150 to 200 gamblers, ranged in several rows.
Sight for 150 yards, and wait till the beast turns broadside on.
Thirty francs; but I pay that out of my 150 francs, -- that is understood, -- and as I require only eighty francs for my journey, you see I am overwhelmed with luxury.
When Captain Head talks of riding fifty leagues a day, I do not imagine the distance is equal to 150 English miles.
58/0/-/-/0/- J Edwards 0/-/- 150 100 150 100 100 100 125
was ordered to restore 150 acres of wetlands in San Diego County rather than implement a cheaper proposal that also involves Orange and Ventura counties.
Brunelli, executive director of ALEC, Chenok and Costello said the organization "did a less-than-diligent job" researching its paper, The 150 Hour Law: Unnecessary Restriction on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Profession.
identified Cushman & Wakefield as the exclusive leasing agent for 150 Broadway and 75 Broad Street, two premier Downtown Manhattan office buildings.
1) Gary Collins, Bakersfield, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 150, 54.