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Adj.1.150 - being ten more than one hundred forty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Clement in 96 A.D., Shepherd of Hermas in 120 AD, and the Didache from 150 AD all provide evidence that first Christians believed and taught the doctrine of the Trinity.
Writing about 150 AD in Alexandria, Graeco-Roman Claudius Ptolemy pinpointed the Golden Chersonese, a golden peninsula at the edge of the world he knew.
A new virtual reality mobile application which allows users to experience the majesty of the theatre in Kato Paphos during its heyday in 150 AD is now available to download.
First used to indicate Qatar on Ptolemaic maps in 150 AD and inspired by the historical significance of its name, the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara is built on the eastern borders of Qatar to serve as a beacon of light for the world, says Katara's General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti.
Since the year 150 AD, 'Katara' was the first and most ancient name designated for Qatar Peninsula in geographic and historical maps.
The cast bronze model shown to the left (circa 150 AD Turkey) required a lot of pressure near the C-shaped curvature to push the two blades past one another.
Among the most recent remarkable discoveries on display for the first time is a bronze artefact in the shape of a horse head that was found in Mleiha, which is believed to date back to 150 AD. Also on display are the new findings uncovered at the excavation site in Jebel Al Fayah which confirm ancient human existence in Sharjah.