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Noun1.1750s - the decade from 1750 to 17591750s - the decade from 1750 to 1759  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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In the traditional 1750s tale, a wizard waylays a farmer riding a white mare across the Edge and they travel to a magical underworld.
However, it would be the 1750s by the time England and all its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar.
Head ranger Helen McDonald at the stable block that dates back to the 1750s at |Gibside chapel and grounds, the stable block has a large roost of bats
We recently sold a white shell pickle stand, early 1750s, the upper bowl on an encrusted column with three lobed shell-shaped bowls below, riveting and old repairs, for PS820.
Perrott's Folly stands at 96 feet tall and was built in the 1750s by John Perrott in Waterworks Road near to the Edgbaston Reservoir.
The Lunar Society was originally formed in the 1750s, bringing together people with interests in philosophy, arts, science and commerce, as well as debating and discovering.
Who was the founder of Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, in the 1750s? A metal bench in the park commemorates him.
Individual topics include Swift and Lord Berkeley, Pope's dedication of the 1736 </Dunciad/> to Swift, re-impressed type in </A Tale of the Tub/, Swift's authorship of "The Difficulty of Knowing One's Self," Swift's </Works/> of the 1750s, Swift and the philosopher's stone, newer light on darker authors, Swift's satire on enthusiasm, Swift and a dull country squire, acclamation by an imperfect muse, Prior's and Swift's Daphne, the art of cosmetics, Swift's self-loathing, Houyhnnmland, Swift amongst the bluestockings, Shaftesbury's aversion, Aldous Huxley as a modern Swift, the economy and anthropology of early eighteenth-century literature, patriotism and discontent, and candid interpretations of Real's take on Swift and his world.
Situated seven miles from Morpeth and 22 miles from Newcastle, it has an elevated position with two acres of land and looks on to the River Lyne It retains many of its original features from the 1750s with large arched windows, pillars and ornate marble fireplaces.
hovered around the 5% level from the 1750s, with increases during the two world wars, before rising steadily from the 1960s onwards.
Common law marriage was abolished in the 1750s, but many believe it is alive and well.
As the date of first flowering of plants of recent years is similar to that of the 1750s, the research suggests there has been no significant warming over the last 250 years.