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Noun1.1760s - the decade from 1760 to 17691760s - the decade from 1760 to 1769  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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I'm looking into my family history got back to 1760s my family members could be there!!
The Boleskine Foundation was launched to drive the restoration of the property with parts of the historic estate, which was built in the 1760s, to be opened up to the public.
From local trade directories, newspaper advertisements and other local records, including apprentice records, Kate had been able to trace the development of the industry from its inception in the 1760s to its demise in 1911.
Ewen believes the fire occurred in the 1760s, causing the walls to fall over the floors.
The tree, which has been there since the 1760s, was apparently torched a week last Sunday evening and it is believed that it was set on fire deliberately, although this could not be confirmed.
As a law student and young lawyer in the 1760s, Thomas Jefferson began writing abstracts of English common law reports.
The site includes three major features, the largest of which are the archaeological remains of the town, dating back to the 1760s. Connected to it is the settlement of Qal'at Murair, which was fortified to protect the city's inland wells.
'The Pitminster Boy', late 1760s, Thomas Gainsborough, oil on canvas, 60.8 X 50.4cm.
The 78-year-old pop veteran referenced a comment made by a judge in the 1760s during ITV's Loose Women yesterday.
Goldstein and Weiner trace the growth and development of Baltimore and its Jewry from the 1760s to the present, showing how each shaped the other.
The ephemeral, contested nature of British authority during the 1760s and 1770s created openings for men like Askin to develop a trade of smuggling liquor or to challenge the Hudson's Bay Company's monopoly over the fur trade, and allowed them to boast in front of British officers of having the "Key of Canada" in their pockets.