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Noun1.1790s - the decade from 1790 to 17991790s - the decade from 1790 to 1799  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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The French army took over Switzerland in the 1790's, and turned it into an ally.
There are opinions from the 1790's, there were opinions from the early 20th century that say particularly with regard to the Alien Tort Claims Act that the Attorney General of the United States penned that said corporations can be liable.
Critique: Jefferson's Garden is a play with a setting that begins in the year 1750, but focuses primarily on the period between 1776 and the early 1790's, the time of the American Revolution and the brand new nation's early years.
Jefferson's Garden is an audiobook rendition of the full-cast, live performance of a play about America's Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, set primarily during the years from 1776 to the 1790's. The performance by a cast of talented actors is the next best thing to personally witnessing Jefferson's Garden acted on a stage.
Blackstone's formulation is one that Wordsworth was likely familiar with, as he had volumes two and four of the Commentaries in his possession in the 1790's; Duncan Wu dates his probable reading of it from April 1794 on.
(55.) Mary Ann Mahony, Afro-Brazilians, Land Reform, and the Question of Social Mobility in Southern Bahia, 1880-1920, in Afro-Brazilian CULTURE AND POLITICS: BAHIA, 1790'S TO 1990'S, 90-116 (Hendrik Kraay ed., 1998).
In France in the 1790's, "democracy" usually meant what we today call direct democracy, and the term "representocracy" was used for what we now call indirect or representative democracy (Brunot 733).
She took on the conservative English philosopher Edmund Burke in 1790's Vindication of the Rights of Men, then sealed her reputation as a philosopher in her own right with 1792's Vindication of the Rights of Woman.
1003, 1039 (1985) ("Hostility to the invocation of common-law criminal jurisdiction by federal courts became increasingly acute as the decade of the 1790's unfolded.").
During the 1790's, numerous malaria outbreaks began occurring.