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Noun1.1790s - the decade from 1790 to 17991790s - the decade from 1790 to 1799  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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The etymology of dandy remains obscure, but in the 1790s it did not denote an ultrafastidious person such as Brummell.
With a 1905-built Conacher organ, available to visiting organists to play on request, there are also First World War memorials, a remodelled graveyard and memorial garden with stones dating back to the 1790s.
The "Resilient Lives" display spotlights the lives of Hercules and Oney Judge, slaves who worked in George Washington's administration in the 1790s.
In his introduction and opening chapter, Bugg does for the Gagging Acts what John Barrell did for the treason trials of the 1790s in Imagining the King's Death.
THIS amazing cottage residence dates back to around the 1790s and retains many of the charming original features.
As his research led him to discover the 1790s house was built on a paranormal crossroads where supernatural forces converged, he culled facts from the private diary of one of the house's residents that detailed five decades of frightening encounters, and paired these with interviews of neighbors and house inhabits to create this powerful collection.
Working as a canal surveyor and land drainer in Somerset in the 1790s, Smith realised rock layers always occurred in regular sequence and that each layer contained distinctive fossils.
Hamilton should stay because, back in the 1790s when he was treasury secretary, he was right about all the economic issues.
By the 1790s though, strange languages were fascinating, rocks meant waterfalls and mountains were sublime - people came in droves, in carriages, on horseback and even on foot to explore them.
In a visually stunning programme, he explains how the industries that grew up there have been a magnet for artists over past 250 years, and begins with a look at landscape painter and watercolourist JMW Turner, who visited the Vale of Neath in the 1790s, and focused on the waterfalls of the area.
Way back in the 1790s, -NOSTALGIA United United Harvey died day in See Way back in the 1790s, the management engaged in a series of novelty acts to broaden the theatre's appeal.
Ironically, the skeleton was found very near the Bazaar, which formed the center of the city since the modern era began when Tehran became the empire's capital in the 1790s, about the same time as Washington became the capital of the United States.