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Noun1.1820s - the decade from 1820 to 18291820s - the decade from 1820 to 1829  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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By the 1820's Ordnance Survey maps were being sold to the public to support the peacetime cost of surveying and the first for Leicestershire was published in 1824.
Wiebe, supra note 14, at 21 ("By the late 1820's, as Alexis de Tocqueville noted, it was already American practice in politics to 'strip off .
For one thing, as was the case in the 1820's and late 1940's, Russia is aggressively rejecting Western values and opposing the US.
The specific area of Broomhill and Drumfrochar In Greenock, where the hub will be speculatively created, has a rich food and drink heritage with companies including Tate & Lyle, Lochore and Fergusons, Walkers, and Lawson's Lemonade - all once part of the fabric of the area dating back to the early 1820's," explains Neil Lochiel, head of enterprise & corporate development at Riverside Inverclyde.
Built in the 1820's, the house at 481 Sycamore Avenue is now on the market.
From the 1820's until the 1920's there was no measurable inflation in the American economy.
Afro-Jamaicans' (Jamaicans of entirely or predominantly African descent) cultural and spiritual universe, between the 1820's and the 1860's, was more similar than different.
something which de Tocqueville clearly saw and aptly described in the 1820's.
WHAT: Dave Anderson, director of education and volunteer services for the Society for the Protection of NH Forests, will discuss the state's history of natural disturbances including the tornado at Lake Sunapee in the 1820's, the Flood of 1936, the Great Hurricane of 1938 and other catastrophic events.
Bringing evergreen trees inside during the winter had long been a winter tradition and by the 1820's, the tradition had made its way to the United States by way of German immigrants in Pennsylvania.
Eventually the British East India Company became dominant and by the 1820's it ruled almost all of the country, to include today's Muslim Pakistan.
Folklore has it that in the 1820's when he was likely a teenager he