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Noun1.1820s - the decade from 1820 to 18291820s - the decade from 1820 to 1829  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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It includes a selection of iconic dresses including a very special, recently discovered 1820s dress - the time of Anne Lister.
The leather ball, filled with feathers, was designed by Allan Robertson in the 1820s and is stamped with his name.
Introduced in America in the 1820s, Gardenerdy says the plant earned its more common name "because of its unique feature of surviving in extreme conditions." It can survive temperatures below 30 degrees and handle drought and poor light.
It's set in 1820s London, at a time when the real author of Frankenstein, novelist Mary Shelley (played by Anna Maxwell Martin), is around.
Her focus is the Kentucky village of Great Crossings from the 1820s to the 1840s.
In the 1820s, most of the Tswana city states collapsed in colonial conflicts in what became known as the Difaqane civil wars.
The Grade I-listed castle is steeped in history and has been enhanced over the years by the Clavering and Browne families, with substantial development in the 1690s, 1820s and 1890s.
Send pictures to Flashback, Daily Post, PO Box 202, Vale Road, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, LL31 9ZD or e-mail featureswales@dailypost.co.uk THIS selection of old photos are from the Facebook page St Asaph Memories Past and Present, including a hidden treasure from the 1820s, a school which is now a luxury hotel, and a Welsh Grand Prix racing driver before he became famous.
Among other 19th century medical curiosities is an 1820s anatomical model of a woman made in wax.
While confirming the popularity of ghost plays on the Romantic-period stage, Mary Shelley's accounts testify to the sustained investments by playwrights and managers in new ways of combining spectrality with the acting style and increasingly striking spectacular effects of melodrama in the 1820s, the decade that, in Matthew Buckley's words, saw "the genre's emergence as a dominant dramatic form." (6) In this respect, in her groundbreaking work on illegitimate theater, Jane Moody underlines how technical innovations and "monstrous generic hybridity" lay at the center of the " dramatisation [s] of supernatural terror" and " [supernatural monstrosity ...
The building, which was awarded Grade II* listed status in 1993, was built between the 1820s and 1920s and was the city's first gasworks.
The New Brighton fort, originally built in the 1820s to defend the Mersey from Napoleonic invasion, will reopen its doors to music fans from across the region.