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Noun1.1830s - the decade from 1830 to 1839
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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{make one = be included; bon ton = superior manners and culture; notice her = include her socially; "aristocratic" = Cooper was hypersensitive to accusations of being "aristocratic"; poor Poles = since his days in Paris in the early 1830s, Cooper had befriended and aided Poles fleeing Russian domination of their homeland}
Freeview Victorian Bakers BBC Four, 8pm Four bakers experience what their profession was like during the Victorian era, working from a rural bake house kitted out exactly as it would have been in the 1830s.
In which decade did Newcastle get its first police force - the 1830s, 1840s or 1850s?
Among the silver, porcelain and a set of armor is a set of nine painted lithographs and a map drawn in the 1830s by Scottish painter David Roberts.
Synopsis: It is the 1830s, and Fima and her mother are rice traders on the West Coast of Africa in the Sherbro River area: a network of mouths of rivers, mangrove mudflats and shifting sandbars where traders can load captives in secret onto vessels whose captains take them across the Atlantic for sale as slaves on auction blocks.
Using such stories as Donald Hall's tale "Ox-Cart Man,'' learn about the people and activities that made up farm life in the 1830s. Activities this year include meeting the hard-working oxen and cows of the Village, dipping candles, performing a shadow puppet show, churning butter and making a special 19th-century toy.
e volume from the 1830s, containing 85 mainly pencil sketches of notable "gures, was found by bookshop owner Anthony Smithson.
The boom times of the 1820s and early 1830s were supported by state government financed internal improvements (roads, canals, and railroads) and state-supported banks that in turn financed the expansion of farms and plantations.
UNLIKE the 2011 Birmingham riots, the social and political convulsion that took place in the city and other Midland towns in the 1830s was the consequence of a country which ruled a quarter of the globe failing to understand that you can not ignore a substantial part of the population, a mountain of human misery, without serious civil unrest and risk of revolution.
Considered by many to be Gogol's best work, the drama is set in 1830s St Petersburg, among the petty bourgeoisie of Tsarist Russia.