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Noun1.1840s - the decade from 1840 to 18491840s - the decade from 1840 to 1849  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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The 374-acre site is a historically intact former 1840s Illinois prairie farmstead and teamster inn being restored as an 1840s working farm museum by volunteers and donors from around the country.
Donated by Nation in the The Choctaw tribe donated $170 to the victims of the famine in the 1840s - around [euro]4,000 in today's money.
The new link road will cross the A6 and run under Stockports Grade II listed railway viaduct, a structure that dates back to the 1840s,
AGROUNDBREAKING study comparing Welsh land use in the 1840s with current practices suggests dramatic falls in agricultural, particularly arable, land use, even in Wales' most mountainous regions.
Overall land use: Farmland and woodland coverage in Wales has fallen 20% over the past 170 years, from 74% in the 1840s, to 59% in 2015.
The founding crops of agriculture -- emmer and einkorn wheat, barley, lentils, peas, and flax -- were first farmed ten thousand or so years ago, which led to innovations like forged plows and scythes during the Iron Age, grafting expertise eventually followed, and then, most importantly, garden gnomes appeared in Britain in the 1840s.
Helen said: "I'm writing a book on a spate of poison killings in Essex back in the 1840s.
The heroine is Aileana, a Scottish heiress in 1840s Edinburgh who is stifled by the conventions and expectations of her society.
Fernleigh was built around the 1840s, originally as an early Victorian gentleman's residence and it is believed was originally a mill manager's house.
Until the 1840s, Worcester, like every other community in the land, relied on hand pumps, privies and cesspools.
Until then the fine works had been hung at St Michael and All Angels' Church in Withyham, East Sussex, after they were donated by Edward John Ottley in the 1840s.