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n. pl. eight·een·mos

[From 18mo, abbr. of octodecimo.]
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n, pl -mos
1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Also called: octodecimo a book size resulting from folding a sheet of paper into 18 leaves or 36 pages. Often written: 18mo or 18°
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a book of this size
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Treatment (months) 1 TAH, BSO NED, 18mo appendectomy, RT 2 TAH, LSO, CT, RT DOD, 84mo 3 TAH, BSO NED, 5mo 4 TAH, BSO, RT Reccurence 6mo 5 TAH, BSO DOD, 6mo 6 TAH, BSO, PLN NED, 48mo CT, RT 7 TAH, BSO, RT DOD, 2mo TAH, BSO, POM 8 PAN, DOD, 7mo appendectomy, 9 TAH, BSO, DOD, 2mo CT, RT 10 TAH, BSO DOD, 3mo 11 TAH, BSO, DOD, 2mo CT, RT 12 TAH, BSO NED, 37mo 13 TAH, BSO DOD, 7mo 14 TAH, BSO DOD, 2.5mo 15 TAH, BSO, CT NED, 2m o 16 TAH, BSO DOD, 6mo 17 TAH, BSO No information 18 TAH, BSO NED,12mo 19 TAH, BSO, No PAN, RT information 20 TAH, BSO DOD, 50mo 21 TAH, BSO No information 22 TAH, BSO DOD, 2mo
A super consignment of Limousin X from JG Biggs & Son sold to PS1125 (500kg 18mo).
The present edition is a decided improvement on the first; it contains 384 pages, 18mo., and being neatly printed is much more desirable than the quarto.