March 19

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Noun1.March 19 - a Christian holy dayMarch 19 - a Christian holy day      
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
Mar, March - the month following February and preceding April
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According to PESCO on Thursday, power supply will remain suspended from 132 KV Shahi Bagh Grid Station on 19 March from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM,resultantly consumers of 11 KV Sarbilandpura, Latif Abad, Charsada Road, Nishat, Dalazak, Faqir Abad, Lala, OPF, Wadpaga-1,2, Pakha Gulam and EidGah feeder will face inconvenience.
com)-- According to daily data from STR, the hotel industry in Dublin, Ireland, reported the largest impact among the three markets to host a RBS 6 Nations final-round match on 19 March 2016.
Last date for Submission: 19 March 2016 Upto1800 HRS
Achilles Netherlands, a company set up by Apollo Management and CVC Capital, on Monday said it had extended until 19 March the acceptance period on its cash GBP888m (USD1.
40%, series 45 non-guaranteed bonds, due 19 March 2020.
19 March 2010 - Hungarian mobile phone operator Pannon GSM is due to rebrand to Telenor in May 2010, its parent company, Norwegian telecom group Telenor ASA (OSL: TEL) said Friday.
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On 19 March 2008, the European Parliament celebrated with great pomp its 50th anniversary, 19 March 1958 having marked the inaugural session of its ancestor, the European Parliamentary Assembly.
Heart Telecom, a sister company to Heart Internet and a UK provider of business telephony services, announced on 19 March the launch of a new high speed business broadband service which promises to offer download speeds of up to 24MB/s.