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Adj.1.190 - being ten more than one hundred eighty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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It should be helpful also to indicate briefly some of the more specific mannerisms of pseudo-classical poetry, in addition to the general tendencies named above on page 190. Almost all of them, it will be observed, result from the habit of generalizing instead of searching for the pictorial and the particular.
In the morning a homeward- bound ship passed us hull down,--the first we had seen for months; but we were nearing the land at last, Java Head being about 190 miles off, and nearly due north.
PESHAWAR -- The Peshawar Nanabi AsAsociation continues to beAfool Peshawar city adminisAtration by selling 158 gram naan for Rs15 while the administration had fixed weight for cooked bread at 190 grams.
The district administration had approved a 50% increase in the price of naan from Rs10 to Rs15 with the condition of increasing its weight from 150 grammes to 190 grammes.
Cambium Networks has launched the ePMP Force 190 wireless broadband module.
1) Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 200 (run-off 200); 2) Kevin Evans, Ace, 196 (run-off 196); 3) Llyr Evans, Zac, 190 (run-off 180); 4) Robert Ellis, Spot, 194; 5) Dewi Jenkins, Moss, 188; 6) Stan Harden, Cass, 188; 7) Wyn Edwards, Clwyd Fflei, 190; 8) Gwynfor Owen, Ben, 188; 9) Arwel Lloyd Owen, Glenys, 186; 10) Paul Tomkins, Lyn, 190; 11) Richard Millichap, Sweep, 186; 12) Glyn Jones, Cap, 186; 13) Nigel Watkins, Tanhill Alex, 188; 14) Bryn Davies, Roy, 186; 15) Aled Owen, Llangwm Cap, 184.
RFR announced a three-floor, 8,918 s/f lease agreement with Totokaelo, a fine fashion and objects, at 190 Bowery.
Two other rapiers on display include one GTMax-i 190 cm and one in wider width version of 340 cm.
I am looking for a schematic and disassembly instructions for a Winchester Model 190. It is the same as the 290 except for a plain stock.
WORCESTER -- A 30-year-old Blackstone man was injured Sunday night when the car he was in rolled over in the middle of Interstate 290 west just before the Interstate 190 split.
The 504 rounds out the line of rugged ScopeMeter 190 Series II instruments that feature two or four independently insulated input channels and an IP51 dust and drip waterproof rating with models available in 500MHz, 200-MHz, 100-MHz, or 60-MHz bandwidths.