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Adj.1.190th - the ordinal number of one hundred eighty-five in counting order
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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On June 1, the Inquirer celebrated its 190th birthday with a new logo, web address and company name.
This is the company's 190th consecutive quarterly dividend.
Andrew Martin missed his daughter's seventh birthday party while competing in the City of Lights, but now has PS40,000 to put towards her present after coming in 190th place out of a total of 8,500 competitors.
A6-EQP is the 190th Boeing 777 aircraft to be delivered to Emirates, the world's largest operator of Boeing 777 aircraft and also the only airline in the world to have operated all the six variants of the Boeing 777 family.
18 of every year, the world celebrates the International Day of the Arabic Language, following Saudi Arabia's proposal at the 190th session of the Executive Council of UNESCO to make Arabic an official language.
Chloe Hill, the team's lone senior, placed 190th (22:08.31) out of 209 runners.
Minnows Gibraltar were the biggest climbers of the European countries, up eight spots to 190th following wins in their Nations League matches against Armenia and Lichenstein.
The best team of the month was Gibraltar team, which gained the first victory in official matches - 190th place (+8).
Gibraltar, who only became FIFA members in 2016, rose eight places to their best ranking of 190th thanks to the their Nations League wins in Armenia and at home Liechtenstein.
Mushfiqur passed the landmark in his 176th innings and in his 190th match.
This is the 190th such attack by the terrorist militia on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the start of the crisis in Yemen, Col.