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Noun1.1960s - the decade from 1960 to 19691960s - the decade from 1960 to 1969  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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NNA - Amal Movement MP, Ali Bazzi, conveyed on Friday his party's keenness on finding a consensual electoral law, saying the 1960's electoral formula has long been dead.
Leading international jewellery houses have confirmed their participation with highlight pieces from Harry Winston's 1960's collection worth USD 600,000 scheduled for display.
The CD, like its namesake (a gay subcultural slang term last popular in 1950's and 1960's Britain), is a sprawling, rollicking, giddily theatrical and complicated tapestry of words, sounds and ideas.
Ending in the 1960's, "Blood on the Shamrock" is a complete read in and of itself.
Commensurate with its exclusive location and surrounded by time-honored architecture, 985 Park, the first condominium residence to be built on Upper Park Avenue since the 1960's, will rise 15 stories to accommodate only seven full-floor duplex and triplex condominium apartments, each with unobstructed views of the avenue and the most luxurious amenities and finishes available.
Ably compiling a concise biographically anthology as the basis for an in-depth study of meticulous scholarship, Good Hearts offers readers the wisdom of the nuns spanning a time period from the mid-1800's through the twentieth century, and with a particularly focus on the era surrounding the social and cultural issues of the 1960's and the activism contributed by Catholic women.
It took courage to do this in the volatile 1960's, but not the kind that wins Congressional Medals of Honor.
Ansel Adams in the Lane Collection is an astounding compilation of black-and-white photography by Ansel Adams, who emerged as one of the first American "superstars" of photography in the late 1960's.
It had a strong beginning, but like many devotions it quickly fell away, in the enlightenment of the 1960's.
Defying the notion that American vegetariasm sprang solely from the 1960's radical counterculture, Vegetarian America examines movements from a wide variety of eras, and the physicians, socialites, feminists and other prominent figures who embraced it, from Johnny Appleseed and the Bible Christians to John Harvey Kellogg and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Perhaps because of this filial connection I was such a nerd as a teenager in the 1960's, listening to E.
The general public became less interested in social history than in the 1960's and 1970's.