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Noun1.1970s - the decade from 1970 to 19791970s - the decade from 1970 to 1979  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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Kenya has previously been a non-permanent member of the council twice in 1973-1974 and 1997-1998.
Before that, Austrian dealer Joseph Messina bought it in 1973-1974, and Germany's Prinz Wilhelm Von Thurn und Taxis "reputedly" had it in his collection by the 1960s.
Considerado como un "foro informal", la primera Cumbre de las economias industrialmente mas avanzadas del mundo se celebro en 1975 en Rambouillet, Francia, para discutir acerca de la crisis financiera y economica provocada por el shock petrolero de 1973-1974. Posteriormente, en 1998 el grupo invita a Rusia, pais que luego es expulsado a raiz de la postura que asume ante la crisis en Ucrania.
Surely an examination of the British government's reaction to the Yom Kippur War and subsequent oil crisis in 1973-1974 would have been a better choice?
Decorations include the Joint Service Commendation Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal the latter being awarded for his efforts in continuing continued fuel support of the Fleet during the 1973-1974 embargo while serving as fuels officer on the staff of the Pacific Fleet Commander.
Las exposiciones giraron en torno a las siguientes tematicas: <<La reforma universitaria de Mendoza: Politicas academicas en la Facultad de Filosofia y Letras (1973-1974)>> (Dr.
During the 1973-1974 campaign, Barnes was a consensus All-American leading the NCAA with 18.7 rebounds per game.
The IAE, founded in response to the 1973-1974 oil crisis, is focused on ensuring energy security for its members.
Copeland was a Life member of the American Legion, Post 102, past Commander from 1973-1974, Athol Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans Chapter 46 - past Commander (5 times), was their past longtime Chaplain, and was a member of the Starrett 25 Year Club.
Building a European identity; France, the United States, and the oil shock, 1973-1974.
The Parkway, named as it resembles similar "parkways" created in America in the 1950s, was constructed in 1973-1974 and was officially opened in November 1975.
Former Director of Purchasing, David Brown Gear Industries Ltd, Huddersfield, 1968-1985, Commodore of The Scammonden Sailing Club, 1973-1974 and Former Vice President of The Lockwood Band.