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Adj.1.2-dimensional - lacking the expected range or depth2-dimensional - lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth; "a film with two-dimensional characters"; "a flat two-dimensional painting"
multidimensional - having or involving or marked by several dimensions or aspects; "multidimensional problems"; "a multidimensional proposition"; "a multidimensional personality"
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An Introduction to Non-Abelian Class Field Theory: Automorphic Forms of Weight 1 and 2-Dimensional Galois Representations
Moreover modelling techniques is further classified into visual/graphics processing unit and medical imaging, and visual techniques are segmented into 2-dimensional technology, 3-dimensional technology and stereo technology.
He done his research in the area of 2-dimensional nanosheets (graphene and boron nitride)-polymer composites.
9) Pre-clinical laboratory sessions typically include students partnering with one another to practice identification and assessment skills; however, traditional undergraduate dental hygiene students are often young adults and may have limited dental restorations, reducing practical experience beyond 2-dimensional textbook and didactic instruction.
Autodesk 123D Catch software (Autodesk, Inc, San Francisco, California) was used to create 3D CADs from 2-dimensional digital photographs using a commercially available iPhone camera (Apple Inc, Cupertino, California) and a commercially available digital single-lens reflex camera (Nikon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).
Figure 1 show an example of embedding algorithm to embed a set of 2-dimensional points.
According to Protea, its LAESI system is a next generation molecular imaging platform that directly analyses biological samples without the need to apply chemicals or introduce tags or tracers and enables 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional imaging, displaying the distribution of molecules in the samples.
The output of the 2-Dimensional discrete wavelet transform is in the form of sub-windows of m x n arrays.
In Section 2 describes the task scheduler of operating systems for wearable sensor devices, the deterministic task scheduler of [mu]C/OS, and a 2-dimensional task scheduling algorithm.
Undeterred, I set out to combine the 2 most powerful electrophoresis methods available into a 2-dimensional method.