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Noun1.twentieth century - the century from 1901 to 2000
century - a period of 100 years
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Allen, a journalist, tells the story from the turn of the 20th century and the development of the smallpox vaccine.
Understanding how to preserve and protect terra cotta structures is critical to conserving many of the world's most renowned and beautiful 19th and 20th century buildings," said Pamela Jerome, director of historic preservation at WASA.
After all, prior to the 20th century synthetic fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides simply didn't exist.
The 20th century could--at least in the Western world-be called the Century of the Woman.
The Devil Wears Prada 20th Century Fox, June 30 Meryl Streep is giving Susan Sarandon a run for her money as the actress who keeps getting sexier with each passing year here as the boss from hell who is not--repeat NOT modeled on supereditor Anna Wintour of Vogue.
Despite the fact that the 20th century is now history, social historians have been slow to develop conceptual frameworks for and empirical studies of distinct trends in that century.
The history of the 20th century can be revealed through its fashion trends, and Gerda Buxbaum Icons Of Fashion: The 20th Century (3791333127 $19.
Decades Of The 20th Century is a simply outstanding ten volume series ($24.
Cioran, a 20th century thinker seduced by fascism whose relationship with political extremists was to affect his life and work.
These two paradigms ineluctably ushered a 'Clash of Civilizations' that reached its most explosive apogee in the two World Wars of the 20th century and with the Nazi regime, which sought to establish a purified white Aryan race and gave us the holocaust.
The way socialism was implemented in the 20th century is one of the pre-eminent examples of what goes wrong when you try to reconstruct society along more "rational" lines.