second lieutenant

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second lieutenant

1. The lowest commissioned rank in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.
2. One who holds this rank.

second lieutenant

(Military) an officer holding the lowest commissioned rank in the armed forces of certain nations

sec′ond lieuten′ant

an officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marines of the lowest commissioned rank. Compare ensign (def. 4).
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Noun1.second lieutenant - a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest ranksecond lieutenant - a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank
lieutenant - a commissioned military officer
مُلازِم ثانٍ


(ˈsekənd) adjective
1. next after, or following, the first in time, place etc. February is the second month of the year; She finished the race in second place.
2. additional or extra. a second house in the country.
3. lesser in importance, quality etc. She's a member of the school's second swimming team.
next after the first. He came second in the race.
1. a second person, thing etc. You're the second to arrive.
2. a person who supports and helps a person who is fighting in a boxing match etc.
to agree with (something said by a previous speaker), especially to do so formally. He proposed the motion and I seconded it.
ˈsecondary adjective
1. coming after, and at a more advanced level than, primary. secondary education.
2. lesser in importance. a matter of secondary importance.
nounplural ˈsecondaries
a secondary school.
ˈseconder noun
a person who seconds.
ˈsecondly adverb
in the second place. I have two reasons for not buying the house – firstly, it's too big, and secondly it's too far from town.
secondary colours
colours got by mixing primary colours. Orange and purple are secondary colours.
secondary school
a school where subjects are taught at a more advanced level than at primary school.
ˌsecond-ˈbest noun, adjective
next after the best; not the best. She wore her second-best hat; I want your best work – your second-best is not good enough.
ˌsecond-ˈclass adjective
1. of or in the class next after or below the first; not of the very best quality. a second-class restaurant; He gained a second-class honours degree in French.
2. (for) travelling in a part of a train etc that is not as comfortable or luxurious as some other part. a second-class passenger; His ticket is second-class; (also adverb) I'll be travelling second-class.
ˌsecond-ˈhand adjective
previously used by someone else. second-hand clothes.
second lieutenant
a person of the rank below lieutenant. Second Lieutenant Jones.
ˌsecond-ˈrate adjective
inferior. The play was pretty second-rate.
second sight
the power of seeing into the future or into other mysteries. They asked a woman with second sight where the dead body was.
second thoughts
a change of opinion, decision etc. I'm having second thoughts about selling the piano.
at second hand
through or from another person. I heard the news at second hand.
come off second best
to be the loser in a struggle. That cat always comes off second best in a fight.
every second week/month etc
(on or during) alternate weeks, months etc. He comes in every second day.
second to none
better than every other of the same type. As a portrait painter, he is second to none.
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Team 20--2LT Michael Rose and 2LT John Bergman--25th Infantry Division
5) According to the official citation, 2LT Homcy "was second in command of a group assigned the task of carrying ammunition, food, water and clothing to front-line troops.
2LT Samuel McElroy's platoon initially encountered issues installing the link, however, they were able to work with a single channel team from the 56th Signal Battalion, and provide NIPR, SIPR and VTC capabilities a week prior to the team's first request.
2008 Best Sapper Competition Teams 2LT Jonathan Browning 20th Engineer Battalion SGT Jack Ramthun Fort Hood, Texas SGT Alexander Mack 20th Engineer Battalion SGT Glenn Taylor Fort Hood, Texas SGT Justin Gaiser 20th Engineer Battalion SPC Patrick Hernandez Fort Hood, Texas 1LT Douglas Droesch 1st Engineer Battalion 1LT Kyle Metzger Fort Riley, Kansas SSG Karen Antonyan 911th Engineer Company SGT Matthew Rowsey Fort Belvoir, Virginia 1LT Scott Sann U.
A FORMER pupil at Old Swinford Hospital School in Stourbridge, 20-year-old 2LT Bowers arrived in Afghanistan just days after finishing his Army training.
Randall Gardner, Clay Dixon, Brenda Culleton, Jimmy Phillips, Debbie Baker, Cory Lelek, Cheryl Dean, MSgt Kenneth Campbell, Frances Yakes, 2Lt.
More information is available from the recruitment team at Bartlett House, 65-67 Wilson Street, London EC2A 2LT, telephone 020 7382 7517 or e-mail audit@bartlett.
2lt V8 petrol engines--and 2lt four cylinder TDi and 3lt V6 Tdi diesel units--will be offered with six-speed manual gearboxes or the option of six-speed Tiptronic ZF or CVT Multitronic automatic transmissions.
GILLIAN WADMAN, 89 Park Drive, Winchmore Hill, London, N21 2LT.
Consumption index: Fresh cheesecake -- LIFESTAGE -- 18-34 18-34 35-54 35-54 Lifestyle w/kids no kids w/kids no kids 55-64 65+ Total Upscale 48 49 86 101 112 99 88 suburbs Traditional 74 86 122 115 98 83 101 families Mid/upscale 52 41 125 114 107 104 101 suburbs Metro elite 89 68 102 113 100 104 99 Working- 116 80 136 100 114 116 112 class towns Rural towns 82 67 102 106 88 73 88 & farms Mid-urban 91 82 132 122 116 129 177 melting pot Downscale 76 64 100 100 75 74 83 rural Downscale 103 95 140 132 92 107 115 urban Total 83 72 114 112 100 97 100 * High consumption (120+) Average consumption = 100 SOURCES: SPECTRA 2LT LIFESTYLE/LIFESTAGE GRID, ACNIELSEN HOMESCAN PRODUCT LIBRARY
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