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Adj.1.2nd - coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude2nd - coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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On this very 2nd of October he had dismissed James Forster, because that luckless youth had brought him shaving-water at eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit instead of eighty-six; and he was awaiting his successor, who was due at the house between eleven and half-past.
this Wednesday, 2nd October, you are in my service.
It happened that the famous Commission of the 2nd of June had set on foot an inquiry into the irrigation of lands in the Zaraisky province, which fell under Alexey Alexandrovitch's department, and was a glaring example of fruitless expenditure and paper reforms.
Impatience grew apace, when, on the 2nd of July, they learned that a steamer of the line of San Francisco, from California to Shanghai, had seen the animal three weeks before in the North Pacific Ocean.
It was August 2nd when we snapped our last link with the outer world by bidding farewell to the Esmeralda.
Thus the sleep of our adventurous travelers might have been indefinitely prolonged, if an unexpected noise had not awakened them at about seven o'clock in the morning of the 2nd of December, eight hours after their departure.
We then set sail, and had a good voyage till we passed the Straits of Madagascar; but having got northward of that island, and to about five degrees south latitude, the winds, which in those seas are observed to blow a constant equal gale between the north and west, from the beginning of December to the beginning of May, on the 19th of April began to blow with much greater violence, and more westerly than usual, continuing so for twenty days together: during which time, we were driven a little to the east of the Molucca Islands, and about three degrees northward of the line, as our captain found by an observation he took the 2nd of May, at which time the wind ceased, and it was a perfect calm, whereat I was not a little rejoiced.
DIV 1: 1st Jamie Hughes 4 UP, 2nd Dave Conroy 3 UP, 3rd Arron V Williams UP Back 9.
Yates 2nd Quarter High Honors: Wyatt Arnold, Hannah Carlton, Izzy Clarida, Isabelle Gibbs, Cameron Miller, Isabel Quartana, McKayla Williams
Male Poomsae (under-20): Waseem Javed (Army) 1st 15 points; Hashim Nayab (WAPDA) 2nd 10 points; Ahmed Raza (Railway) 3rd 6points;
The 2nd position went to Ghazanfar Mehmood of Garden City Golf Club with 217 gross while 3rd position won by Abdul Zahoor of Multan with gross 220.
Results, Race 1: 1st Allan Brooks, 2nd Duncan Walpole, 3rd Rhys Bamford, 4th Innes Bamford Race 2: 1st Allan Brooks, 2nd Rhys Bamford, 3rd Duncan Walpole, 4th Innes Bamford Race 3: 1st Rhys Bamford, 2nd Allan Brooks, 3rd Duncan Walpole, 4th Innes Bamford.