three-legged race

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three-leg·ged race

 (thrē′lĕg′ĭd, -lĕgd′)
A race in which contestants run in pairs with their near legs tied together.

three-legged race

(Athletics (Track & Field)) a race in which pairs of competitors run with their adjacent legs tied together

three′-leg`ged race′

a race among paired contestants, with each contestant having one leg tied to the adjacent leg of his or her partner.

three-legged race

ncorsa a coppie (con due gambe legate insieme)
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9, while 3 Legged Race, founded in 1996, signs off with the Nov.
In another stoic press release, 3 Legged Race states that, while the recent rocky economy influenced the decision to close, an equally significant issue was the fact that 3LR "has reached a critical juncture in an organization's natural life cycle." The obvious next step "would be to begin the process of institutionalization"--a move that "could well jeopardize the scope and quality of programming for which 3LR has become known." That programming recently included the October staging of Laurie Carlos's Marion's Terrible Time of Joy.