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A polypeptide hormone that is secreted by fat cells and regulates glucose and lipid metabolism, especially by increasing insulin sensitivity and muscle uptake of glucose and by decreasing glucose production in the liver.

[Latin adeps, adip-, fat + Latin nectere, to bind; see ned- in Indo-European roots + -in.]
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The network shows that an interaction between 30 kDa adipocyte complement-related protein and protein Ldlrap1 existed in the upregulated proteins.
The various protein fractions observed included 150 kDa apolipoprotein (Vezina et al., 1988), 131 kDa ceruloplasmin (Castellani et al., 1999) , 114 kDa C-reactive protein (Jinbo et al., 1998), 76 kDa transferrin (Jiang et al., 1998), 66 kDa albumin (Allen et al., 2006), 49 kDa protein fraction, 43 kDa x-1 acid glycoprotein (Turk et al., 1996), 38 kDa Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (Ryoichi et al., 1996), 34 kDa IGF binding Protein (Kiddy and Hamilton, 1999), 30 kDa Adipocyte complement-related protein (Tsao et al., 2002), 26 kDa TNF- (Lafontan and Berlan, 2003), 20 kDa retinol binding protein (Senoo et al., 1990), 17 kDa apolipoprotein A-2 (Durbin and Jonas, 1997) and 15 kDa interleukin 2 (Zicaria et al., 1995).