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Adj.1.300 - being one hundred more than two hundred300 - being one hundred more than two hundred
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The special tour also included Saint Vincent Cathedral, a scenic walk along the "walled city's" ramparts, and a visit to the oldest settlement in the region which dates back to the year 1 BC and where ancient church ruins from around 300 AD still exist today.
Elucidating further on why the film should be a must watch, Desi further added, "It's directed by Anand Surapur who has shot more than 300 AD films and over a dozen super hit music videos.
Experts tell us that for 500 years till the end of the 300 AD all coins used had Greek markings.
Imagine some dude in the far reaches of the Roman empire around about 300 AD.
However, it is alleged that chocolate was consumed as early as 300 AD by the Mayans and Aztecs, (https://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/national-candy-day) Punchbowl reported.
It's a tangle of Roman and medieval alleyways, born out of the ruins of Emperor Diocletian's palace built around 300 AD.
Under the scheme, the archeological authorities have already fenced three other sites, including the Aali burial mounds, which span Dilmun era (3rd to 1st millennium BC) to the Tylos era (200 BC to 300 AD).
This over 470-page narrative with 100 photographs and 67 chapters covers the history of the game all the way back to the Romans in 300 AD, follows it across the European continent to Scotland and chases it across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.S.
This encyclopedia is first a repository of basic information on 2,500 individual chronicles written in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa from the first Christian chronicles about 300 AD to the advent of the Protestant Reformation and 1500.
'Ancient Bahrain: The Power of Trade Exhibition' displays Bahrain National Museum's artefacts depicting the period spanning from 2000 BC to 300 AD.
On the rocks, there are still some scripts that match the wide-spread scripts in the town, the scripts date back to the period between 200 BC and 300 AD," Zain Eddin said.
This work explores the rise of Christianity in the late Roman period with a focus on the Great Persecution of Christians in 300 AD. DePalma Digeser (history, U.