December 31

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Noun1.December 31 - the last day of the yearDecember 31 - the last day of the year    
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
Hogmanay - New Year's Eve in Scotland
Dec, December - the last (12th) month of the year
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The rain, which had poured down almost incessantly since the first of October, cleared up towards the evening of the 31st of December, and the morning of the first of January ushered in a day of sunshine.
In 1845 Walden froze entirely over for the first time on the night of the 22d of December, Flint's and other shallower ponds and the river having been frozen ten days or more; in '46, the 16th; in '49, about the 31st; and in '50, about the 27th of December; in '52, the 5th of January; in '53, the 31st of December. The snow had already covered the ground since the 25th of November, and surrounded me suddenly with the scenery of winter.
The scholarship will cover tuition fee for 12 months, from the 1st of January 2020 till 31st of December 2020 for those who win.
According to the press release, users will also get complimentary 1 month Zee5 and 2 months HOOQ subscription and access to premium Live TV channels on a complimentary basis until 31st of December 2019.
All unspent funds of all ministries are returned to the treasury by the 31st of December each year.
During the Ordinary Meeting, shareholders listened to the respective reports of the Board of Directors, the Shari'a Supervisory Board and the Auditors on the Bank's activities during the financial year ended 31st of December 2018.
He particularly highlighted the greatest achievement of IGP Islamabad and his team in arresting six dacoits involved in martyrdom of Constable Waseem Ziyad on 31st of December 2018.
Name the one thousand year long musical composition which began playing at midnight on the 31st of December 1999, and will continue to play without repetition until the last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and begin again.
In another story, Myriam Fares will take part in a concert on the 31st of December alongside Egyptian singer Amro Diab for new year's.
Manila, Philippines, December 01, 2018 --( Sofitel's Mardi Gras will be held on the 31st of December 2018 at the luxurious Grand Plaza Ballroom, featuring a grand selection of gastronomic offers, live musical entertainment featuring Arriba and The Bloomfields, exciting raffle prizes, and a spectacular fireworks display by the bay.