December 31

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Noun1.December 31 - the last day of the yearDecember 31 - the last day of the year    
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
Hogmanay - New Year's Eve in Scotland
Dec, December - the last (12th) month of the year
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The rain, which had poured down almost incessantly since the first of October, cleared up towards the evening of the 31st of December, and the morning of the first of January ushered in a day of sunshine.
In 1845 Walden froze entirely over for the first time on the night of the 22d of December, Flint's and other shallower ponds and the river having been frozen ten days or more; in '46, the 16th; in '49, about the 31st; and in '50, about the 27th of December; in '52, the 5th of January; in '53, the 31st of December.
In 2018, New Year's Day falls on a Monday , so it won't be a long weekend unless you book the 31st of December off.
06 billion on the 31st of December 2017, while EBITDA totalled 70 million (+18.
The Police Prosecutor, Inspector Mustapha Tajudeen told the court that the accused persons committed the offence on the 31st of December, 2017 around 2.
Fog affected the kingdom on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December reducing the visibility to less than 1000 meters but the lowest was 20 meters on the 31st of December at Bahrain International Airport.
Still, I am ever grateful for the kindness of people who choose to open up their homes on the 31st of December to friends and strangers so that, at the very least, there is a sense of ceremony about the ordeal.
Convinced that the development of a culture of solidarity and the promotion of the concept of shared responsibility are important components in the struggle for independence and unity, Azerbaijan declared in 1991 the 31st of December as the Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the whole world.
The final is to take place on Sunday, the 31st of December 2017, at the LPC, in what is likely to turn out to be another tense match.
The live show will air on New Year's Eve, from Downtown Dubai at 11:30 pm GST/2:30 pm EST on the 31st of December and will be available worldwide to Twitter's logged-in and logged-out audience on Twitter and connected devices.
This great Cogniter deal which starts on 25th December and ends on the 31st of December, 2017 will feature various services for your online business.