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 (stĕr′ē-ŏs′kə-pē, stîr′-)
1. The viewing of objects as three-dimensional.
2. The technique of making or using stereoscopes and stereoscopic slides.

ster′e·os′co·pist n.


(ˌstɛrɪˈɒskəpɪ; ˌstɪər-)
1. (Art Terms) the viewing or appearance of objects in or as if in three dimensions
2. (General Physics) the study and use of the stereoscope
ˌstereˈoscopist n


(ˌstɛr iˈɒs kə pi, ˌstɪər-)

1. the study of the stereoscope and its techniques.
2. three-dimensional vision.
ster`e•os′co•pist, n.
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Noun1.stereoscopy - three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina
binocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyes
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In order to investigate the role of these neurons in the perception of space, the researchers put 3D glasses on the animals.
Providing user-friendly and easy viewing, manufacturers are focusing on improving depth effects to offer better view without 3D glasses.
The pair, who work for Anderson Group, a marketing firm in Sinking Spring, created an interactive children's book called "Gloria GloFish and the Great Dragon" that requires the reader to use a special flashlight to reveal hidden images printed with invisible ink and 3D glasses that make the drawings pop off the page.
Choreographed to a dynamic soundtrack, visitors will have to wear Lego 3D glasses to see the fireworks explode into thousands of tiny Lego bricks.
Moreover, the 3D glasses are not the typical ones handed to guests at conventional movie theaters.
A research team at Newcastle University has fitted praying mantises with miniature 3D glasses as part of efforts to understand more about the insects' unique vision.
They created special insect 3D glasses which were temporarily glued on with beeswax.
The brightness is already halved, and with the 3D glasses that audience must wear, it becomes a one-third level compared to other 2D films.
The 3D module once installed during the MCD or OLED manufacturing stage, allows the display of 3D content without the use of 3D glasses.
To avoid paying full whack, avoid peak showings -- such as those of a weekend -- and either opt for 2D or bring your own 3D glasses. And while there's nothing quite like cinema popcorn, if budget's tight it could be a good idea to stock up on treats and fizzy pop beforehand.
You have to pay a surcharge for 3D screenings, 3D glasses, and any premium screening or seat type.
In a speciallydesigned insect cinema, the scientists have shown it needs to be 'old school' 3D glasses for tests to work on mantises.