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 (stĕr′ē-ŏs′kə-pē, stîr′-)
1. The viewing of objects as three-dimensional.
2. The technique of making or using stereoscopes and stereoscopic slides.

ster′e·os′co·pist n.


(ˌstɛrɪˈɒskəpɪ; ˌstɪər-)
1. (Art Terms) the viewing or appearance of objects in or as if in three dimensions
2. (General Physics) the study and use of the stereoscope
ˌstereˈoscopist n


(ˌstɛr iˈɒs kə pi, ˌstɪər-)

1. the study of the stereoscope and its techniques.
2. three-dimensional vision.
ster`e•os′co•pist, n.
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Noun1.stereoscopy - three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina
binocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyes
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