2 Esdras

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Noun1.2 Esdras - an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations2 Esdras - an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations
Apocrypha - 14 books of the Old Testament included in the Vulgate (except for II Esdras) but omitted in Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible; eastern Christian churches (except the Coptic Church) accept all these books as canonical; the Russian Orthodox Church accepts these texts as divinely inspired but does not grant them the same status
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The Origins of the Canon of the Hebrew Bible: An Analysis of Josephus and 4 Ezra
Chapter 5 turns to 4 Ezra, also known as the Ezra Apocalypse, written in Hebrew at the end of the first century CE in response to the destruction of Herod's Temple.
Interpreting 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch: International Studies