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Fire Cat, Torch The Hive, 40 oz. Sidekicks, The Freedom Paradox, Moda Foca, No Comprendo: 7 p.m.
When the SoCal band Sublime teamed up with San Diego's AleSmith to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album 40 oz. to Freedom, they decided to riff on the Mexican-style amber.
Its Peanut Power Plus Chocolate (bananas, peanut butter, dates, "protein blend," nonfat milk, cocoa) squeezes 580 calories into a (20 oz.) small and 1,160 into a (40 oz.) large.
WEIGHT, EMPTY 40 oz. GRIPS 610 FINISH Black Duty SIGHTS Single tritium dot combat-style rear, tritium dot post front TRIGGER 4.75-lb.
(by weight) of dehydrated aji amarillo chile peppers with 40 oz. of hot water (approx.
Though he didn't stick around long after being (incorrectly) named as the father of Daya's baby, Schreiber slipped right back into stealing scenes in the submitted episode "40 Oz. of Furlough," handing out shots and harassing the inmates.
This year 40 Oz to Freedom, world renowned Sublime tribute band, will headline, with local favorites CollieRAD and Measured in Mountains.
Other authors took over, leaving us a total of 40 Oz books.
Also on the list is Burger King's 40 oz. Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie, which has 1,460 calories and six-and-a-half days' worth of sugar, according to CPSI.
Coming in sizes of mini (8 Oz) regular (25 Oz) or colossal (40 Oz), at a cost of LE 15, LE 25, and LE 40 respectively, it isn't a cheap treat in comparison to other popular ice cream outlets such as Mandarine Koueider or Sultana ice cream in Cairo.
The new GP100 in 327 Federal Magnum features a 4.2-inch stainless steel barrel, weighs 40 oz., has adjustable sights and holds seven rounds.
For example, one display featured styling gel by La-Bella (40 oz.) for $2.97; Crest Pro-Health and Oral B CrossAction Toothbrushes for $3.25; Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal (14-day) for $34.97; and Gillette Fusion Razors for $7.94.