Gutenberg Bible

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Gu′tenberg Bi′ble

an edition of the Vulgate printed at Mainz before 1456, ascribed to Gutenberg and others: probably the first large book printed with movable type.
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The third essay provides important new information on fifteen copies of Gutenberg's 42-Line Bible, printed in Mainz around 1455.
Gutenberg prints his 42-line Bible (shown left) which revolutionizes the printing world due to its high quality and low price.
A MIRACLE occurred in the year 2000 when the Dale Guild Type-foundry of New Jersey was commissioned by a Japanese firm to produce matrices and cast type based on Gutenberg's 42-line Bible (1) They called their new face B-42 and made two- and four-page fonts available for sale.
In communications, Johannes Gutenberg printed a 42-line Bible at Mainz between 1453 and 1455, known as the Gutenberg Bible.
The characters used appear to be like those used in the 42-line Bible commonly ascribed to Gutenberg, but printed perhaps by Fust and Schoeffer at Mainz about 1455.