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Adj.1.43 - being three more than forty43 - being three more than forty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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SKY and Amazon US have combined to go back in time for a new original drama series, Britannia, set in 43 AD.
In those years, from 43 AD to around 425 AD when they drifted back to Italy, the Romans brutally suppressed challenges to their authority, but also brought a civilising influence to what was then a very primitive country.
On the subject of immigration he pointed out that, "London was founded by a bunch of pushy Italian immigrants [the Romans] in 43 AD, has always had immigrants and has benefited over the centuries from the contribution that immigrants bring to the city.
In the year 43 AD two men by the name of Tatavoos and Batholemus preached for Christianity in the vicinity of Azarbaijan, thereby, gaining a number of followers (3500 people ), including the daughter of the then monarch.
It may have arrived with an invading Roman soldier after 43 AD, but some archaeologists speculate that such coins entered Britain before the conquest through trade or diplomacy.
The reaction to Roman influence after the 43 AD invasion are also studied.