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Noun1.440 yards - a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile440 yards - a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile
linear measure, linear unit - a unit of measurement of length
international mile, land mile, mile, stat mi, statute mile, mi - a unit of length equal to 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet; exactly 1609.344 meters
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In 2018 Trevon Tittle rumbled for 440 yards and 7 touchdowns out of the Blackhawks' Wing-T.
When the company wants to remove a box, unless there is another payphone within 440 yards, it must apply for permission from the local authority.
To win it he had to swim 50 yards fully clothed and climb out and wait three minutes at the side of the baths, then swim another 440 yards. His parents thought they may have a future Olympian on their hands.
The construction of the viaduct commenced in 1870, taking five years to complete, the height being 104ft and the length of line spanning the viaduct is 440 yards.
AQHA Challenge races return to Remington Park this season with the finals for the Grade 2, $60,000-added Bank of America Oklahoma Challenge on May 12 at 440 yards, for 3-year-olds and older.
Milkha Singh (440 yards, 1958), Krishna Poonia (women's 4x400m and women's discus, 2010) and Vikas Gowda (men's discus, 2014) had only won gold previously.( ANI )
In 440 yards, Korigo Barno also came sixth (last) in the first heats in 57.2secs.
He was also named the Welsh Champion in the 440 yards in 1920, the 220 yards and the 440 yards in 1921 - a record which was held until 1953 - and the 880 yards in 1927.
Born in Cardiff on March 5, 1886, the son of a Yugoslav father and Irish mother, he won his first championship at 100 yards in 1901 and his last at 440 yards in 1929 when he was 41.
The discovery was made 400 meters (440 yards) south of the King Seti I Temple in Abydos city that is close to the more famous Luxor.
2015 average: 4.54 (rank 18) 14th (Chinese Fir), 440 yards, par four: The only hole on the course without a bunker but three-putts are common on the difficult green.
After extensive research, Andy Milroy and Alex Wilson, of the Association of Road Running Statisticians, have identified Dunning as the man who set the inaugural world record for the half marathon when he clocked 73:46 for 13 miles 440 yards. That is greater than the half-marathon distance of 13 miles 192.5 yds.