Turner syndrome

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Tur·ner syndrome

 (tûr′nər) also Tur·ner's syndrome (-nərz)
A congenital condition of girls and women caused by complete or partial absence or deficiency of one X chromosome, characterized by short stature, a webbed neck, low-set ears, skeletal abnormalities, and infertility owing to ovarian failure.

[After Henry Hubert Turner (1892-1970), American endocrinologist.]
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The structurally defective chromosomes are believed to be fetoprotective, compared to the 45,X karyotype that explains the higher ratio of 46,X,i(X)(q10) and 46,X/r(X) fetuses who are diagnosed as pregnancy advances to term [5].
This leads to the hypothesis that those fetuses with the 45,X karyotype who survive to term represent an "elite" with a critical mass of 46,XX cells necessary for survival.
G-banding with trypsin treatment and Giemsa stain (GTG-banded) chromosome analysis showed a mosaic karyotype with two cell lines: five cells with a 45,X karyotype and 15 cells with a 46,XY karyotype.