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Adj.1.50th - the ordinal number of fifty in counting order50th - the ordinal number of fifty in counting order
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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7 (BNA): Below are some headlines from Bahrain's newspapers on local events: // HM King congratulated on BDF 50th anniversary.
Auto Business News-October 27, 2017--General Motors reveals details of 2018 Camaro Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Edition
The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition will have a limited run of 1,963 cars produced and will be available beginning in the fall at Porsche dealers.
The anniversary kick-starts a year-long calendar of special events, including the zoo's 50th Anniversary Summer Sundown Weekender, a wildlife photography competition, a 50th anniversary commemorative book, a Summer Reception for local business people, a 50th Gala Fundraiser for Easter 2014, a Memorial Tribute to Mary Branker, the Zoo's first vet.
Emirates NBD announced today that the logo for the bank's 50th anniversary celebrations had been selected from among 3000 plus entries, with Bas TerLre declared the winning designer for his logo, which revolved around the original Emirates NBD logo with an extended golden swoosh.
Big happy 50th Terry, gone yet never forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me forever in my heart.
Summary: American Kelly Slater has won his 50th competitive surfing competition.
Summary: HUNTSVILLE, Ontario, June 25, 2010, SPA -- President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan, will host a 50th anniversary celebration of 18 African nations&' independence in Washington this summer, senior U.
Happy 50th birthday Ray, wish you were here to c e l e b r a t e.
ROME * Groups campaigning for changes in the Catholic church plan to convene a "worldwide assembly of the people of God" in Rome in 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council.
To be located on 50th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, the facility will house cooling and ventilation systems and fuel storage tanks as well as access elevators and loading docks for the station.
Kay Thompson's 50th anniversary edition Eloise (1416908234, $19.