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A drug, C22H19ClO3, used to treat pneumonia caused by pneumocystis fungi and, in combination with proguanil, to prevent or treat malaria.

[Perhaps rearrangement of the letters of Aōt(us), night monkey genus on which testing was carried out during the development of atovaquone (Greek a-, without; see a-1 + ous, ōt-,, ear (from the small external ears of night monkeys); see otic) + (par)vaquone, veterinary drug chemically related to atovaquone (parva, specific epithet of Theileria parva, apicomplexan cattle pathogen against which parvaquone is effective, from Latin parva, feminine of parvus, small (from the relatively small size of the pathogen); see pau- in Indo-European roots) + qu(in)one.]


n atovacuona