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Adj.1.59 - being nine more than fifty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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However, these acts of goodwill and people's impressions of Nero changed after 59 AD. By this time, Nero had murdered his half-brother Britannicus, his mother Agrippina, his wife Octavia, and his second wife Poppaea.
13-105667 published on 11/06/2013 Detailed opinion Ad MAPA Contract notice Publishing Department: 59 Ad No 13-105667 Services - official name and address of the procuring agency: ETH - Nord Pas de Calais.
Eighty one infants (57.9%) with AD and 313 healthy infants (51.3%) were male, whereas 59 AD infants (42.1%) and 297 healthy infants (48.7%) were female.