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Noun1.six pack - a carton containing six bottles or canssix pack - a carton containing six bottles or cans
carton - a box made of cardboard; opens by flaps on top
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com announces an exclusive Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle, a new promotion on the Eppendorf Research plus.
The whimsical packaging includes a die-cut handle reminiscent of an actual beer 6-pack that makes it easy for gifting.
has released its Klondike Premium Moist Tobacco 6-Pack Tubs.
Able to accommodate both full and empty glass bottles, the EZ Picker is available in a variety of sizes, from the standard 12-bottle carrier with notched centers for 6-pack loading, to carriers for 7 oz.
Each 6-pack includes four swimming drakes and two resting hens.
The launch is being supported by a major marketing campaign; it is available in 6-pack ($6.
PHIL MICKELSON is like a packet of Revels - you never know what you are going to get until the action commences - but the maverick left-hander is well worth chancing at 7-2 to win Paddy Power's Pebble Beach Pro-Am first-round 6-Pack.
The company said that the price rise on its standard bar, king-size bar, 6-pack and vending lines would take effect immediately, adding that the hike had been initiated to offset rising input costs, including raw and packaging materials, fuel, utilities and transportation.
I WOULD like to comment on your article which showed Dan Rook-wood getting a 6-pack in six weeks.